Deodhar Trophy Winner | Deodhar Trophy Winner List

Deodhar Trophy Winner | Deodhar Trophy Winner List:- Deodhar Trophy is a List A cricket in Indian domestic cricket. Deodhar Trophy is named after Prof. D. B. Deodhar (known as the Grand Old Man of Indian cricket). Deodhar Trophy is a 50-over knockout competition played on an annual basis among the 3 national-level teams – India A, India B, and India C. India B are the current champions, winning 2019-20 trophy after defeating India C by 51 runs in the final.


Deodhar Trophy Winner | Deodhar Trophy Winner List

Season Winner
1973-74 South Zone
1974-75 South Zone
1975-76 West Zone
1976-77 Central Zone
1977-78 North Zone
1978-79 South Zone
1979-80 West Zone
1980-81 South Zone
1981-82 South Zone
1982-83 West Zone
1983-84 West Zone
1984-85 West Zone
1985-86 West Zone
1986-87 North Zone
1987-88 North Zone
1988-89 North Zone
1989-90 North Zone
1990-91 West Zone
1991-92 South Zone
1992-93 East Zone
1993-94 East Zone
1994-95 Central Zone
1995-96 North Zone
1996-97 East Zone
1997-98 North Zone
1998-99 Central Zone
1999-2000 North Zone
2000-01 South Zone and
Central Zone (shared)
2001-02 South Zone
2002-03 North Zone
2003-04 East Zone
2004-05 North Zone
2005-06 North Zone
2006-07 West Zone
2007-08 Central Zone
2008-09 West Zone
2009-10 North Zone
2010-11 North Zone
2011-12 West Zone
2012-13 West Zone
2013-14 West Zone
2014-15 East Zone
2015-16 India A
2016-17 Tamil Nadu
2017-18 India B
Deodhar Trophy Winner 2018-19 India C
Deodhar Trophy Winner 2019-20 India B


Deodhar Trophy

Deodhar Trophy was introduced in the 1973-74 season as an inter-zonal tournament. From 1973–74 to 2014–15, 2 zonal teams played in a quarter-final, with the winner joining the other three zonal teams in the semi-finals. From there, Deodhar Trophy was a simple knockout tournament. From 2015–16 to 2017-18, the winners of the Vijay Hazare Trophy, India A and India B play each other in a round-robin format. The top 2 teams play the finals. From 2018-19, India A, India B, and India C play each other in a round-robin format in Deodhar Trophy. The top two teams play to the Deodhar Trophy final.

2019-2020 Deodhar Trophy was contested between three teams selected by the BCCI. 2019-2020 Deodhar Trophy took place in October and November 2019, after the Duleep Trophy and before the Ranji Trophy.

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